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Is It Time for New Windows?

If you live an older home and your windows are between 15 and 30 years old then your windows are most likely showing signs of wear and tear and you should consider replacing them soon. Many individuals in your local area replace windows every 20-25 years. There are a number of reasons to replace older windows including:

  • Curb appeal - old windows may be worn, faded, or outdated
  • Energy Efficiency - old and drafty windows may be a cause of a 10-25% loss in heat throughout your home
  • Leaks and Bugs - cracked and warped windows have a tendency to let more insects and rainfall into the house
  • Noise - many old single-pane and worn windows allow much more exterior noise into the household
  • Lead Paint - Many old houses and windows were painted with lead point years ago and lead chips are a serious hazard to child safety
  • Federal Tax Credits - You can receive a federal tax credit if you purchase new energy efficient windows

These days, most replacement windows are very energy efficient and come in many sizes and designs. Our reliable contractors in your local area can evaluate your project and help you choose the best option for replacement windows. Since we connect you with multiple contractors you can be assured that you will receive the price that fits your budget for you window replacement project.

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