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Cheap Window Replacement Options

If it is time to replace some or all the windows in your home, you need to determine what kind of replacement window you need: whole window including the frame, standard replacement windows or a sash replacement. Ask yourself the following three questions about window replacement or consult a contractor in your local area for guidance.

  • Does the whole window need to be replaced replaced, including the frame and sill?
  • Could just a replacement window fit into the existing frame?
  • What about just replacing or repairing the sashes or only the glass?

An energy auditor or window replacement contractor can help you determine the best option based on your homes windows, insulation, and wall conditions.

Whole Window Replacement - The existing window frame is removed and a new energy efficient window is placed into the same position. By removing the whole window and frame, other improvements can be made. Issues such as water or air leakage that may have occurred around the old frame can be addressed and fixed.

Inserting windows in existing frame - The old sash, side jambs and window trim are removed, but the original frame is left in place. The new energy efficient replacement window is installed to fill the opening. A replacement window can accommodate slightly out-of-square conditions of the existing frame. Significant out-of-square conditions can be fixed with whole window replacement.

Sash replacement - Many manufacturers offer replacement sash kits, which include jamb liners to ensure good operability and fit. This option allows for relatively easy installation, but the existing frame must be in good shape so that air and water tightness is ensured. If just the glass is broken, a local glass company can replace that.

Included with each of these options are products with a variety of energy efficiency features and rated energy performance. Choosing among different energy-efficiency options can be complex. A good way to start is by looking for ENERGY STAR windows that qualify for the federal tax credit for efficient replacement windows. Our contractors in your local area can help provide free quotes and guidance for energy efficient window options.

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